Architecture trends in 2018


At Anthony Rechichi Architect, we’re participating in and watching trends in architecture in Perth and around the world.  What do we see happening in 2018 and beyond? 1. Virtual reality rooms Stepping inside a ‘virtual world’, the world of augmented reality, has become a reality right at home for many. …

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How to Hire a Contractor

As an architect, I regularly see people struggling with the process of hiring a general contractor… prompting me to write this article. (The following is an excerpt from the downloadable flyer – link provided below) Where to Start It goes without saying that hiring your contractors is key to the…

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How to Hire an Architect

Nothing is quite as exciting as creating a new office, building or commercial project: In the same vein, nothing will influence the success of your project more than engaging the right architect. This is because your architect can help determine the design, function and efficiency of your working environment, as…

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