Man caves, dream garages and more


At Anthony Rechichi Architect, we’re participating in and watching trends in architecture in Perth and around the world. 

In this post, we take a look at some awe-inspiring man caves and dream garages, workshops and games rooms.

Man caves and dream garages

We're hugely inspired by the bountiful examples of awesome man caves and dream garages created by home owners all over the world.

These spaces range from retreats to relax and enjoy billiards, to seriously big spaces to house treasures, treats and Triumphs!

We're seeing more people planning ahead and designing-in separate areas in their homes where they can have a bar, maybe a desk from which to run a business, a big screen, and more. Whether it's relaxing to read a book, watch a movie, or heap attention on a prized classic or new car, dedicated spaces that allow the home owner to take time out from busy lives are hot right now.

Man caves typically feature (ahem) refreshment centres, comfortable furniture and places to lounge and recline, and perhaps a home gym for a workout before the game starts.


While in the USA, 'man caves' often tend to be housed in the basements of homes, Australian man caves are likely to be just off the main entrance on the ground floor. They might consist of a two or three-car garage, plenty of storage, high ceilings, and plenty of technology.

"New construction or renovation: Talk to your architect early in the process to ensure resources and space are used wisely to make way for the dream garage or man cave." Anthony Rechichi, Principal, Anthony Rechichi Architect.

In addition to working out how much space is needed, key considerations in planning a man cave include lighting, noise reduction, acoustics and security. If the lair is to hold and protect a super car, good and easy access for vehicles will be needed.
Your architect is the perfect person to consult on ways to personalise and really make the man cave special and representative of you.

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