Most clients are unfamiliar with the current legislation and raft of government rules and regulations that govern what can and cannot be done with their property. Many are also unsure of the current trends and prevailing market conditions or of the current market construction costs and the available options.

These are all factors that influence design decisions that lead to good outcomes.

In that regard, If you are thinking about undertaking any sort of building contact us at the very earliest moment possible to enable you to obtain a quick, clear and concise overview of what we can create together with your project.

This will save you precious time and avoid you running into dead-ends laden with frustration filled misinformation.

The Pre-project consultation service and report will provide you with some answers to the following questions:

  1. • What can I build?….Contact us and we will quickly give you a clear understanding of what is permissible.
  2. • Which block shall i buy?…..Don’t leave it to chance, lets select the site together.
  3. • What are the current trends and market conditions?…we will tell you what’s working at what’s selling at the moment.
  4. • How much will it cost to build?….Contact us and will give you a quick and clear understanding of what the current market rates are and what the likely construction costs shall be.
  5. • How can i maximise my return on investment?…..If you are developing a property for profit, then we can quickly provide you with a clear understanding of the likely development yield and what the potential profit may be.
  6. • Our fees and competitive and flexible for this service and we offer a quick turnaround service that includes a detailed report outlining the above.

IF these scenarios or similar ones are where you are at?…..then please Contact us through our enquiry page now with details of your property and we shall respond immediately forward a quote for this service.

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