This service is aimed at those clients who are budget conscious and are only seeking basic architectural advice.

It is ideal for clients who are seeking one-off type consultations and include the following:

  1. • A clear understanding of what is permissible to be built on your property.
  2. • Site selection advise if you have not yet purchased your property.
  3. • Property Inspection report.
  4. • If you’re looking for a second opinion then we can review and mark up a design produced by others.
  5. • Preparation of detailed working drawings involving liaisons with all necessary consultations and lodgement for a building permit.
  6. • We can also review and mark up working drawings produced by others so that you know nothing has been omitted before you sign up on a contract to build.
  7. • Review of and obtaining advice on building contract matters.
  8. • Advise on the organisational layout of your renovation and review of design for bathroom and kitchen renovations done by others such as kitchen manufacturers.
  9. • Advice on your neighbours proposed building and the impact it may have on your building and property.
  10. • Advise on any legal and planning matters affecting your building construction or property.
  11. • Final inspections of completed projects prior to handover.
  12. • Any other similar basic architectural advice.

This type of service is generally calculated on a time charge basis but flexible and tailored solutions and charges are also available and start from as low as $300.00 for an Architectural report or property inspection.

Please Contact us through our enquiry page now with details of your property and we shall respond immediately forward a quote for this service.

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