Advancing the energy efficiency of your new home or building should be a principal consideration when contemplating your requirements given that your home and buildings’ performance from an energy usage point of view, is driven by its design.

Generally the leaner and greener it is, the less energy it will consume.

An Anthony Rechichi home will strive to become the most energy efficient possible without huge impost on cost of implementing these green credentials.

There are many initiatives that can be implemented into the design of your new home to make it more efficient in terms of its energy consumption but if it fails to address the more critically important issues of correct orientation, efficient space planning and implementation of good solar passive design principles, then its energy consumption becomes a far greater battle to win.

Tomorrow’s homes will become technology driven machines that we live in and will continue to demand more advanced methods to help monitor their performance and reduce their emissions.

In that regard, we have invested in the most advanced technology BIM modelling available to assist us during the design phase, to model the performance of the design and provide our clients with all of the performance data necessary to determine just how efficient and green our buildings are and can become.

But Sustainability is not just about becoming more energy efficient, as it deals with meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations and so the economic, environmental, social and cultural aspects of design all play a part in forming a more sustainable outcome.

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