Architecture trends in 2018


At Anthony Rechichi Architect, we’re participating in and watching trends in architecture in Perth and around the world. 

What do we see happening in 2018 and beyond?

1. Virtual reality rooms

Stepping inside a 'virtual world', the world of augmented reality, has become a reality right at home for many. 

While Australians are taking to virtual reality (VR) in a big way, they're finding that the technology requires plenty of space, i.e. space to move about safely when you've donned your VR headgear and you're roaming the virtual International Space Station. You don’t want to walk into a very real coffee table as you move between airlocks!

Virtual reality rooms

So we're going to see games rooms, home cinemas and dedicated VR rooms (vrrooms?) with plenty of space to allow sofas and coffee tables to be pushed aside to make way for an 'immersive experience'. VR technology makes it possible to go skiing in New Zealand - virtually - while you're actually at home on a warm summer's day in Perth!

People want to be able to enjoy new entertainment technologies such as VR but need to be able to use their available space wisely.  

2. Ancillary accommodation and live-streaming rooms (for freelancers and work-from-homers)


With the increasing adoption of freelancing and work-from-home lifestyles, people want suitable dedicated rooms and spaces.

Professionals and others working from home want to portray a professional image when they give a TV interview, meet clients, or make a Skype call to clients. Some work-from-homers need to regularly record presentations, podcasts and YouTube videos from their home office/studio. This need might be met by using an independent room at the rear of the house, or a dedicated home studio.

But think about it: When you're on a video call, what can your client see behind you, and what is your listening environment like?

Good design helps showcase professional your surroundings, i.e. walls and spaces to hold and showcase a business logo, inspirational posters, advertising materials - or just provide a suitable vista or backdrop. Other considerations include the appropriate use of materials for sound proofing and climate control.  


3. Above ground and plunge pools

"Glistening pools continue to be a desirable feature of a home, but we're seeing a greater focus on how they're actually used in practice."

We see a trend to smaller above-ground plunge and display pools that are visible from inside the home.

These pools still provide the delight of the sounds and views of water, but take up far less of the available plot, and use considerably less water, pool chemicals and electricity.

A pool 5 metres long, 2m wide, and 1.5m deep still enables the user to 'take the plunge' and cool off on a warm day.

Want to get some exercise? Narrow lap pools only 2 or 3 metres in length allow the user to 'swim against the tide' produced by water jets.

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