How to Hire an Architect

Nothing is quite as exciting as creating a new office, building or commercial project: In the same vein, nothing will influence the success of your project more than engaging the right architect. This is because your architect can help determine the design, function and efficiency of your working environment, as well as the costs involved in construction.

Luckily, finding your perfect-match-architect is not impossible!

I have compiled eight key points to guide you in assessing the personality, design strategy and communication skills of your candidate architects:

  • Finding the Right Architect: Word-of-mouth is a powerful element in learning about architects and their work. Ask friends, colleagues and professional contacts for referrals. Research architectural work performed on buildings you admire. Access information provided by professional bodies such as the Australian Institute of Architects for guidance.
  • An Architect’s Biggest Success and Largest Obstacle: How will your architect approach your project – in view of any specific obstacles and requirements? These could include health and safety standards, environmental sustainability considerations, and contemporary design etc. Even if an architect has an attractive portfolio of completed work and good references, you still need to ensure that their design process and approach is right for you and your project.
  • Meet Your Project Architect: It’s recommended that you meet in person with your project architect (the architecture firm representative you sign a contract with may not necessarily be the architect assigned to your project). Being able to communicate openly and honestly with your architect is key to the success of your project. Visiting and meeting the architect will give you an indication of their experience and creativity relevant to your project.
  • The Project Delivery Process: An architect can provide you with professional, reliable and clear advice on the various stages of your project. This will give you a good understanding of the amount of time and funds to allow. An architect will provide very useful advice and guidance in navigating statutory and approvals processes and procedures.

Remaining key points:

  • 3-D Modelling: Don’t Build Your Project Without It
  • The Full-Service Architectural Firm
  • Figuring out the Fee Investment
  • Hiring and Dealing with a Contractor

Click here to download the full How to Hire an Architect flyer here (PDF).