This is a premium service offered to clients whom are seeking to limit their time and involvement in their projects and would rather leave the entire process and procedure of procuring their project to one person or entity and only deal with that same person for the duration of the process.

Anthony has successfully delivered numerous commercial and residential project under this system and achieved outstanding results for his clients.

A turn-key service involves the following:

  1. • A packaged design service commencing at the initial design stage and includes the project management of the construction stage.
  2. • It allows for and includes all of the design stages outlined in Your Building or Your House services, but also bundles all of the necessary consultants fees, liaison and negotiation necessary for the entire duration of the design and construction phases.
  3. • You shall not be required to deal with any other consultant or adviser during the entire phase of design and construction phases.
  4. • In addition, a further option to bundle the entire building contract and management component of the project can also be arranged making the design and construction process a one-stop shop where the entire process is undertaken by us under the one roof up until handover of the completed project.
  5. Should this be an option you wish to further explore please contact us through our enquiry page now with details of your property and we shall respond immediately.