Your Building is our premium service for all of our clients seeking to build commercial buildings.

Commercial Buildings and undertakings are projects that clients seek to undertake for financial gain and are therefore governed by a complex set of financial constraints in addition to the complex set of rules and regulations that govern the permissibility of such buildings.

In that regard, entrusting someone with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver the best possible result that reflects the desired outcomes and achieves the highest possible yield leading to the maximisation of profit is also of the utmost importance.

Anthony Rechichi has amassed almost 20 years of experience in the industry and has crafted a broad depth of knowledge and relishes these challenges.

During this time he has been responsible for the design of hundreds of beautifully crafted homes and residences and this sets him apart from his competitors.

Whether your project is a development of a site that involves the sale of the end product for financial gain, a development for a rental return, or whether it is an owner occupier commercial building, Anthony is well versed in these types of investments having designed a range of commercial buildings including professional office suites, mixed use buildings, retail and wholesale buildings, bars and restaurants and specific use buildings such as for the motor vehicle and furniture industries.

A full comprehensive service for the design of your commercial building includes the following:

  1. • Initial meeting/s on site and development of a design brief based on the initial meeting.
  2. • Site analysis and investigation.
  3. • A schematic design based on the design brief and subsequent meetings with you.
  4. • Developed design drawings and investigation of design alternatives leading to a comprehensive set of drawings sufficient for lodgement for approval with council and including liaisons with council before and during the approval phase and any necessary liaisons with other consultants.
  5. • Preparation of detailed working drawings involving liaisons with all necessary consultations and lodgement for a building permit.
  6. • Landscape design.
  7. • Lighting design.
  8. • Energy efficient design and sustainability considerations that involves the investigation of and implementation of renewable energy practices that lead to energy efficiency compliance and certification.
  9. • Contract administration of the construction process including the selection of a suitable builder via a tender process or a negotiated contract, and ensuring compliance with and adherence to the building contract during construction.
  10. • A full Interior design service is also available in addition to the architectural service (which includes consideration of the interiors).
  11. • In addition to the full service described above the following services can also be added.
  12. • Project management services where the entire process is managed and packaged into one contract under a turn-key arrangement that includes the building contract.
  13. • Construction management where we facilitate and manage the construction of the house on your behalf. This is especially attractive to many of our Owner-builder clients whom have saved money by eliminating the builder’s margin and profit from the construction cost.
  14. • Corporate branding and building signage design.
  15. • Marketing strategies and advising real estate agents and marketing agencies of the marketing and design credential of the project.
  16. • For those clients whom are more budget weary, they are able to subtract from their shopping cart any of the above mentioned services that are not considered necessary, thus tailoring the service to their specific requirements and budget.
  17. • Flexible fee arrangements and terms.

Please Contact us through our enquiry page now with details of your property and we shall respond immediately.

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